Premium Collections Accepts Your Recovery Challenges


Commercial Debt is a tough problem Premium Collections has the ability to solve. 

Grow and generate new business, while Premium Collections takes care of debt owed to your companies. Tracking unpaid invoices or getting the run-around for overdue payments can be a hassle you hadn't planned on pursuing. Time is your valued-resource, well-staffed departments are capital investments built with your strategy in mind. Why allow unpaid debts to decide your companies future course? Knowing the ledger is becoming saddled with liabilities while assets command your balance sheet, requires a focused department collecting revenues owed to you as single proprietor or corporation. Premium Collections follows guidelines set by the Fair Trading intended to maintain industry integrity. Premium Collections accepts client recovery challenges as contractual obligations toward their client's reputation, as well as their own, demanding the highest standards of professionalism with every encounter.

Debt is credit related and credit compounds debt's interest.

The Premium Collections Consulting Team adheres to the Credit Association Code of Conduct and if needed, has the ability serve as credit advisers based on many years of consulting experience complete with praising testimony.

Premium Collection offices are in the UK, but reach around the world. 

Premium Collections price guarantees are accurate and based on what each company needs. Contact PC offices in Altrincham, Harrogate, or Dublin, UK. Supply information online, so PC global agents can furnish worldwide cost-effective recovery for any issue.

Premium Collections is in business to recover the following:

  • Vehicle Repossessions 
  • National Debt Collection (Commercial and Consumer)
  • International Debt Collection
  • Debt Collection UK
  • Absconder Tracing
  • Status Reporting
  • Outsourced Credit Control
  • Litigation Services
  • Front Page Post
  • Company and Industry News
  • Uncategorized 

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